Rakhi Sawant proposes to boyfriend Adil Khan for marriage

Adil Khan, Rakhi Sawant's boyfriend, is the love of her life.

The video of the Bigg Boss fame's proposal to Adil on Tuesday is going viral on social media.

One of the most well-known figures in the entertainment sector is Rakhi Sawant. Controversies always seem to follow her.

The actress is currently attracting notice as a result of her connection with Adil Khan Durrani, a businessman with roots in Mysore.

When she meets with photographers outside of restaurants and at airports, she is frequently photographed with him.

Rakhi can be seen popping the question to Adil in front of the media in a video of the couple that went viral online on Tuesday.

The much in love pair, who don't mind showing their affection in public, were once more spotted having fun while the paparazzi snapped pictures.

Rakhi is seen kneeling down on her knee with a bouquet of flowers in her hand in a video that is becoming popular on social media platforms, asking Adil if he will marry her.

Adil humorously responds, "No," to that. The bouquet is snatched from his hands by Rakhi.